Gaining My Custom Weapons

My blogging is so sporadic these days.

I don’t really enjoy writing much at night.  After a long day it ends up feeling more like work than play and first thing in the morning I like to take my time to wake up.  Recently I’ve discovered what an undesirable trait this is.

If only I could be someone who pops out of bed in the morning with an eagerness to start the day.  But no.  I am the wake-up-slow type who needs a good long while to roll over and stretch and then do a little more light dreaming before I can be bothered.  Then I require a warm drink and a chair followed by thirty minutes of reading or just sitting.  Lately, watching a quick show with my Cameron will do as well.  Then we eat a little something.  Then a little more sitting is required.

Then, and only then, am I maybe ready to even think about chores or getting dressed or preparing for the day.  Truly, I believe this will be a disadvantage in my life until twenty-five years from now when I am an empty-nester and can afford this kind of leisurely morning on a regular basis.  I blame all this fully on my father who invented these kind of slow wake-ups.

But basically, that lengthy introduction was a very long way of getting around to saying that blogging hasn’t quite been on my priority list lately.

Different seasons are for different things and this current season has been full of wading through deep emotions and changes.  Some of it has been the beautiful kind of deep.  Others have been more of the murky sorts.  Really, it’s just been one of those times where God has been surfacing so much in my life.  Surfacing it for the purpose of healing me because His intentions are always so brilliant and pure.

I feeling like I’m being rather vague about it all, and I am.  I hope to be able to put certain aspects of this time into words in the future because truly God is giving me some great stories to tell.


In church on Sunday, the pastor’s Daughter was speaking and she said that each testimony is like a custom weapon that God gives you for battle.  He doesn’t just give you a testimony so that you can remember a great time that you had or so you can have an inspiring moment to look back on (even though many testimonies are those things as well).  But your testimony is a custom weapon, given to you by God, for the purpose of taking territory for the  Kingdom of Heaven.  Nobody can take it away from you.  Nobody can deny it.  Nobody can debate it’s legitimacy because it’s a real, modern-day account of the power and the love of God.

So, I guess right now I am gaining a few special custom weapons to add to my arsenal.  And when the time is right, I hope to launch my testimonies out into bloggersville so that more people than I could ever see in a day can experience them.

Anyway, more to come, but I just wanted to say hi.


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