Nap-Time Project

photo (17)

Yesterday during Cam’s nap I had a little arts ‘n crafts time.  And by the way this is not some kind of mommy-bragging thing where I am trying to act like I do something creatively fulfilling and relaxing during his nap time everyday.  Quite the contrary, actually.  In fact, it’s been SO LONG since I’ve done anything crafty like this that my doing so yesterday is what made me feel all proud and made me want to share.

I’ve had this white wooden frame hanging in my bathroom for so long with nothing in it.  Yep, just an awkward white frame on my wall for about three years now…

I finally found a nice little quote on Pinterest and an easy way to make a blank white frame look pretty.  So I turned on a little Colbie Callait and hummed myself into a creative happy-cloud for about twenty minutes.

The result: something pretty in my bathroom that reminds me of something essential for living my days in the truth and in a right relationship with God.


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