Sunday Morning In Bed

photo (26)

Jon is recovering from Strep Throat.

I woke up with a sore throat.  (And a hundred other things from being pregnant).

Therefore, Cameron is all dressed for church and confused by why we are staying home.

I am so happy to be having another baby, but already ready to be done with being pregnant.  Despite the beautiful motherly glow, I’m remembering how awful it feels to have my body invaded by an alien fetus who dictates everything I feel from his/her little control center in my abdomen.  It might sound harsh or negative, but I think this time around since everything I’m experiencing isn’t new or ‘a first’ I’m a bit quicker to call it like I see it.

However, I will say that I am immeasurably grateful to not be spending this pregnancy working a desk job, which is probably the worst thing ever.

-rant complete-

So I started my morning with a few saltines and decided to stop scrolling Facebook (again) when I decided to listen to a sermon instead.

I found and listened to a great sermon called Audacious Community by Josh Martin in Pullman, Washington.  I’ve been really intrigued by this whole idea of community and church lately.  Like whenever I hear it being talked about my ears perk up and I listen a bit more closely.

How is the church supposed to be different than other types of community that you can find through a book club or a sports team?  That is what I’m trying to figure out; or more like what I feel like God has been wanting to reveal to me lately.  I think because I’ve been realizing lately that where community is lacking, sin prevails.  A person, myself for example, can hear a hundred good messages from a pastor, but without being a part of an authentic Christian community where the gospel can be lived out and experienced relationally, real growth and change is stifled and people remain lonely.  And God created it to work that way.

Anyway, Josh’s message is great if you have a chance to listen to it.

photo (24)

Jon, even though he’s not feeling well himself, decided to give me a break by picking me up a chai latte and taking Cameron to the park.  My husband has always been sweet and caring towards me, but whenever I’ve been pregnant he is over the top.  My selfish self likes to say, “Hey, why aren’t you like that all the time?”  But when I really think about it, it’s very endearing and sweet that when I’m pregnant he naturally becomes more nurturing and wants to take care of everything for me.  He’s a really good man.

SIDE NOTE: Chai lattes are awesome when you’re pregnant because they only have *35-55 grams of caffeine per serving, while drip coffee has 100-150 grams of caffeine per serving.  Oregon Chai is the best chai if you ask me.  No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get used to decaf coffee.

K, time for a nap.  Peace.

*The caffeine content above is for Oregon Chai.  Starbucks Tazo Chai has more caffeine: Tall = 75 mg, and a Grande = 100mg


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