The One Good Thing

There are not a lot of good things about week 10 or 11 of this pregnancy so far.  I think the first time around with Cameron I embraced some of the more torturous aspects of pregnancy a little bit better, but something about having been through it once already lets me see the first trimester sickness as purely awful without a hint of whimsy.

The one good thing though: Yesterday I felt the baby move!  And today it happened again!

11 weeks is on the earlier side of being able to feel the baby so that is cool.  Maybe the little one just knows that I need a bit of encouragement to get through these next few weeks where I don’t feel like myself and where I would literally be happy to hibernate until October.

Luckily Jon’s mom is here this week to take care of Cameron so I can rest.  I don’t know what I would have done had she not been able to come and help us right now.  I think Jon would probably come home to Cameron AND me crying every night, so thank goodness we have some extra support.  I never really knew what fatigue was until the past couple weeks.  :/

The whimsical will come later.  Right now, pregnancy is suffering and it may be so for another few weeks it seems.

Cynical but Blessed, Preggy Erin



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