The Most Amazing Gift

photo (10)

I received a special gift in the mail today.

It came from a girl I only interacted with a few times, about five years ago.

We’ve recently become friends through Facebook.

Sadly, she’s also experienced a miscarriage.

Written in the card:  “Years ago, a tradition was started between my friends to send a sweet stuffed animal after the loss of a little one, in memory of their life – no matter how long or short.”

The card said more too.  All things that were comforting and sweet.

At first the gift made me feel sad – well, because a lot of things make me feel sad right now – but then it brought me an ocean of hope.  Somehow, this little smiling monkey is just what my heart needed today.

photo (8)

My heart will hold onto hope until I am holding my own sweet, smiling little monkey in my arms someday.

photo (9)

2 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Gift

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