We’re Moving


Five and a half years ago I bought a one way ticket to San Luis Obispo, California.  Seriously, it’s beautiful here.  And this view is only ten minutes from my house…


I felt like God was leading me to come here.

So I did.

The day after I arrived, I met my husband.

I fell in love him, the California Coast and the sunny weather.

My life became more full of good friends, community and Jesus than I had ever experienced before.

Jon and I got married on a beautiful hillside, surrounded by great people.

A year later we found out that Cameron existed.

Honestly, the last five years have been the most wonderful whirlwind, full of ups and downs of course, but shimmering in the light of God’s lavish grace.

And now,

We feel that God is leading us somewhere new.  Northern California, to be more specific.

After Jon has spent the last three years running the gauntlet of working full time and going to school full time, the Lord has provided him with his dream job.  Amen 🙂

He’s going to wear cowboy boots to work and drive a pick-up truck.  He’s going to come home smelling like sheep and cattle.  Jon has always been oddly passionate about sheep and red meat, so the fact that he is transitioning into the Agricultural Industry feels like we got sprinkled with a bit of magic destiny dust.

So our hearts are sad to leave behind a place that we love and people who are dear to our hearts, but we also go with the expectation that letting the Lord lead our lives is always the best, and really the only, option.  So we make the move in December.  We will live in either Davis, Dixon, Rio Vista or Vacaville (all just outside of Sacramento), but we still have a lot of details to figure out.

So goodbye beaches – I will truly miss you! – and hello country swag.


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