I Don’t Like You, First Trimester

I have yet to meet a first trimester that I liked.

But since this one is nearly over I’m starting to have a sense of hope about feeling better.

I’ve avoided writing blogs lately, mostly because I haven’t felt well enough to compose any kind of thoughts, but also because I’ve been fearful of sounding like a cynical, miserable person.  I’m extremely thankful for this pregnancy, but until my daily existence isn’t focused around keeping my nausea at bay or muddling enough energy to make another snack, it really is difficult to invest my energy into anything else.

In the midst of all this first trimester sickness there has been a lot that has happened in our lives since we arrived in Rio Vista nearly three months ago.  Our home is looking put together and nearly feels complete, Cameron has started chatting up a storm and Jon keeps coming home every day in dirty clothes and speaking more and more Spanish.  I decided that I want to have a garden this year so I bought an incredible book on gardening, read a few pages and then handed over the reigns to Jon to get it all started since I was feeling too sick to help out at all.  This is honestly how many of our home improvement projects go (even when I’m feeling well): I provide some inspirational idea and then when I can’t figure out how to put it into motion I ask Jon to finish it.  Teamwork baby.  So I watched a movie today and sipped apple juice to keep from puking while Jon spent the afternoon building us a planter box for our future little garden.

This is how it turned out:
photo (90)We planted four tomato plants, yellow bell peppers, zucchini, a spot for some sugar snap peas to go in and then some herbs in pots and a beautiful little lime tree just outside our back door.

Besides our list of home projects that seems to be growing instead of shrinking, we’ve been capitalizing on my better moments to get more acquainted with our new church and small group.  Church is located forty minutes away and we are getting used to longer drive times for just about everything including shopping, doctor visits and the kind of restaurants we’re accustomed to and like.

Maybe one of the most inconvenient things about our new small-town home is that there is a very limited variety of foods.  This is my first trimester self’s worst nightmare.  One grocery store, a couple Mexican eateries, pizza parlour, Subway, McDonalds, hotdog truck, burrito truck and some diners.  The health conscious person in me wants to run away screaming. The desperate to eat something this minute pregnant person has taken more than a few trips through the McD’s drive-thru to get a Value Menu fry and a Coke.  Then, when we got out of town, I try and get my fill of Pho, farm fresh and Starbucks while I can.

photo (88)

I have a love/hate relationship with my town right now.  I love the character of this place: the draw bridges, the slow-sailing ships, the beautiful country side and back country roads full of sheep and tall white turbines.   The Sacramento River is beautiful and there’s a few river beaches close by with campgrounds providing some inexpensive fun.  I like that life here feels simple.  I like that we don’t live next door to a huge shopping mall center.  However, some days I can’t stand it here.  On the days when I wake up and realize I need to run an errand out of town I get discouraged about how much time and effort it’s going to take just to get an errand or two done.  I think if there could just be a decent coffee shop in town, maybe even with a river view, I could see myself really experiencing a new level of acceptance in my heart.  The only “coffee shop” here is the espresso machine in the back of the video rental store…

Downtown Rio Vista:

Cameron is well and doing so great with the fact that I’m often not feeling well most of the time.  Many times when he finds me laying down he says, “Mom not feeling well?  Mom have baby?”  And that pretty much sums it up.  I am really, really hoping my second trimester brings more energetic days and maybe even some space of mind that can be put to good use.

 And this is how we change diapers when mom is queasy:
photo (87)

A doctor’s mask and a drop of essential oil – saves the day!

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